Twelfth Grade Kills

vlad tod

"I'm the Pravus. And don't you forget it."— Vladimir Tod, to Bill and Tom during Twelfth Grade Kills

Vladimir Tod (also know as  Vlad) is the Pravus (half vampire, half human) son of Tomas and Mellina Tod, born on November 21, 1994. He is the subject of the Pravus prophecy, a prophecy predicting the rise of a half-vampire who will enslave the human race and rule over vampirekind. His eyes flash purple whenever he touches a glyph, drinks blood, etc. He was left an orphan at age 10 after a fire in his home that supposedly killed his parents, and then lived with his aunt Nelly afterwards. He has incredible Pravus powers, and due to being both vampire and human, understands both species better. He wanted to take over all the vampires.

Early LifeEdit

Vladimir Tod was born on November 21, 1994 to Tomas and Mellina Tod in the town of Bathory. Being in a relationship with a human, nonetheless having a child with one, is illegal in Elysia, so Tomas and Mellina married and had Vlad in secrecy, with the help of Mellina's best friend, Nelly. According to an entry in his diary, Tomas had thought that his son would come out deformed, as "punishment" for breaking Elysian laws, but Vlad was born healthy, yet pale and ravenous.

Vlad grew up on bagged blood that Nelly stole from the "expired" blood at the hospital, being a nurse. His father was reluctant to let him start kindergarden, but he ended up attending and meeting his best friend and soon-to-be drudge, Henry McMillan. He bit Henry Mcmillian at age 8, after Henry told him to after Vlad had accidently flashed his fangs, making Henry his drudge.

At age 10, on November 19, 2004 he decided to turn off his parents' alarm clocks to give them more time to rest. Later that day, he was called into the office and told that his house had gone on fire, and hurried home, only to find his parents (supposedly) dead on their bed. After that, he moved in with his aunt Nelly, who eventually became a mother to him. Vlad blamed himself for the death of his parents.

At school, he is bullied by Bill and Tom and often described as a goth. He has a crush on Meredith Brookstone, a pink-wearing girl who he has liked since the fourth grade. He does not have many, or any, friends, besides Henry. His sanctuary, where he keeps scrapbooks of his family and books, is Bathory High School's Belfry.

Life as a teenagerEdit


During his last year of middle school, Vlad's English teacher, Mr. Craig, went missing, having been killed by D'Ablo, some time before Halloween. His substitute and the new English and Mythology teacher is Mr. Otis Otis, who Vlad first believes is the vampire who killed Mr. Craig and his parents but is really later revealed to be Tomas' half-brother, and Vlad's uncle. The name Otis Otis is pretty jank! How horrible of his parents to name him that!Edit

Vlad feels threatened and frightened of Mr. Otis at first, and after Mr. Otis confirms that he knows about Vlad's vampirism (writing I know your secret. I know you're a vampire. on Vlad's essay about vampires) he freaks out and talks to his aunt Nelly, who gets them to talk about this issue at her and Vlad's house. There, Mr. Otis asks Vlad if he has read the Compendium of Conscentia, if he knows Elysian code, and if his father ever talked about Elysia. Vlad is confused, angered, and asks why Mr. Otis killed Mr. Craig and why he wanted to kill him and Nelly. Mr. Otis, looking hurt, reveals that he never wanted to kill Vlad, and that he is Vlad's uncle. He also reveals that he came to Bathory to reunite with Vlad's father, and to save Vlad from the vengeful justice of Elysia.

Shortly after these revelations, D'Ablo arrives at Vlad's house and as Otis and Vlad hide in the attic, Nelly is taken by D'Ablo to Stokerton as a lure to get to Vlad. Vlad, Otis, and also Henry drive to Elysia to save her. At the Stokerton Council Building, Otis pushes Vlad and tells D'Ablo that he has found the Pravus, that Vlad was just a mistake Tomas had made, and that he will kill Nelly. Vlad feels betrayed, but Otis reveals that he only pretended to betray Vlad to free Nelly (who he had indeed not killed) and save Vlad.

Having escaped out of the building through the disposal chute, Vlad, Nelly, Otis, and Henry are about to escape when D'Ablo stops them. Otis tries to fight D'Ablo, but ends up pinned by D'Ablo's bodyguards, leaving Vlad to fight D'Ablo alone. D'Ablo breaks Vlad's ribs, and Vlad knows D'Ablo is going to kill him unless he does something, so he takes the Lucis (a cylinder-like object he had found in the attic sometime in November) out and shoots D'Ablo in the stomach with it. Vlad, Otis, Nelly, and Henry escape, leaving D'Ablo to die-but he doesn't, of course.

At home, Otis tells Vlad about his father being the vice president of the Stokerton Council hundreds of years before Otis had been turned, and how he had left all of Elysia to be in the toilet having a Diaria. Vlad asks Otis to be the one to teach him vampiric ways, and Otis agrees to it. Otis gives Vlad a Mark, since Vlad was not born with one, and tells Vlad goodbye, since he has broken many laws by helping him and will have to go on the run.

On the last day of school, Vlad asks Meredith Brookstone to Freedom Fest, a festival Bathory holds at the end of the school year, and she happily agrees. It is also revealed that Vlad has started writing his own diary, inspired by his father's, which he labeled The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.


Vlad is like a regular human boy: he's awkward, he likes gorey movies and video games, and he just tries to fit in and be normal sometimes. He's emotionally more mature, having been orphaned at a young age, and being both vampire and human, can understand and relate to both species. He understands, in the last book, that while he has his vampire father's power and strength, he also has his human mother's love and understanding, and that these human traits are just as powerful and important as his vampire ones.

Also, while Henry is more popular with girls than he is, Vlad seems to understand them more, even telling Henry, who was feeling sad that Mellissa only liked to make out with him, that girls felt the same way about him whenever he kissed them but never made any time for them. Vlad understands people and is very knowing for someone his age.

He is shown to often be depressed, about his parent's deaths throughout all of the book, and then Joss's betrayal, then breaking up with Meredith Brookstone, and definately near the end of Twelfth Grade. He's strong enough to pull himself back together, though, and can try to get over things. Like during the burning of his father's pyre in Twelfth Grade Kills, Vlad forces himself to finally say goodbye to his father.

Special PowersEdit

Being a vampire, and being the Pravus as well, Vlad has several unique and special abilities.

Normal Vampiric Powers:

  • Telepathy - Vlad can use his mind to hold a private conversation with any vampire who has an Elysian connection.
  • Telekinesis- Vlad is most likely able to move objects with his mind just like Otis and Dorian, who have also drunken vampire blood
  • Immortality: The ability to never age, nor do they die from normal means. This is currently unknown, but is highly likely due to the Vampiric DNA appearing dominant.
  • Animorphing: The ability to transform into animals, or is supposedly of vampire's many powers. Has been demonstrated in the Slayer Chronicles. This is an assumed ability of Vlad's
  • Levitation - Vlad, while unable to achieve true flight, can levitate himself.
  • Super Speed - Being a vampire, Vladimir can move at very high speeds
  • Super Strength - Vlad can lift things much heavier than what the average human could lift
  • Mind Control - He can mentally command any human, namely Henry who is his drudge, to obey him.
  • Tracking - Vald can detect any vampire with a connection to Elysia from anywhere on the planet. However, he cannot track those who have severed this connection, such as his father and Vikas
  • Making locking glyphs, etc - Vlad can use his blood to create various glyphs.

Pravus Powers:

  • Invulnerability - He is unable to be harmed or killed by any weapon, human or vampiric. Shown when he was staked through his heart, only to pull it out and heal immediately. The limits to this are unknown, as presumably severe damage such as decapitation would result in his death.
  • His eyes flash irridiscent purple whenever he touches a glyph or drinks blood
  • Enhanced Vampiric Abilities - All basic vampire powers are basically heightened and stronger (ex: During training in the eleventh grade, he moves faster and more agile than any vampire Otis or Vikas has ever seen.)
  • Enhanced Mind Control - He can command and make anyone do anything he wants them to do. This power greatly affects the Pravus prophecy. In the twelfth grade, he can kill a person by just shouting "DIE!" at them and controls all of Bathory to get them to stop fighting. This power can be negated by removal of a vampires own glyph.
  • Ability to 'turn' former drudges - Powerful enough to turn Snow, who he had released as his drudge (it is practically impossible for vampires to change someone who isn't their drudge into a vampire), into a vampire.
  • Immunity to Sunlight - It is shown that Vladimir has an immunity to sunlight, as seen when he was launched outside and into the Sunlight and was shown that D'ablo was seen with a heightened immunity to sunlight and a heightened Healing Factor when drinking tiny shots of Vlad's blood.
  • When the Pravus turns someone, it seems they get some of his power, as seen in the twelfth grade when Snow's eyes flash irridiscent after turning. It is unknown if this will be played upon in the future.