book cover of eighth grade bites

Eighth Grade Bites is the first book in the series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.


Life can't be easy all the time for any teenager dank. But Vlaimir is no ordinary 13 year old, in fact he is a hybrid between vampire and human. His mother was human and his father was a creature of the night. Vladimir is a one of a kind vampire also known as the Pravus, the half- human half-vampire legend that will soon enslave the human race and rule over vampire kind for all eternity. But how could Vlad turn into this monster they say he will soon become, he's a student of Bathory Middle School ass hole and lives off of blood bags and raw animal meat his guardian, Aunt Nelly supplies him with. Vladimir is the only one left the only vampire in the world,so he thinks. But he couldn't be more wrong especially when his new substitute teacher Mr.Otis appears causing Vlad to think that he was the murderer who put his parents in the ground and killed his real teacher, Mr.Craig. But it turns out that Otis is actually is uncle... Vlad needs to overcome obstacles he would never imagined exist. He needs to take on D'Ablo, a council president and the man that believes Vlad's father is still alive. The only way Vlad can solve this problem is by working with Otis, who presents himself as a fellow vampire and Vlad's father's step-brother making him Vlad's uncle. Zach Brewer takes the first book in this gothic series and throws it at you keeping your mind entertained while you take a peek at a vampire's every day life.


Vladimir Tod - the main character

D'Ablo - the president of the Elysian council. He is the antagonist of the story, but does not appear until he is heard talking to Mr. Otis halfway through the book. His major appearance isn't until about the last 30 pages. At the end, he is injured by Vlad with the Lucis.

Meredith - Vlad's dream girl since the 4th grade. She seems to like Henry,  

Aunt Nelly- The woman Vlad stays with after his parents die. Nelly is not Vlad's real aunt, but Nelly and Vlad's mom were very close.

Henry- Henry is Vlad's best friend. Henry knows all his secrets. By example: Henry knows that he is a vampire.


The book takes place in a small town named Bathory. Settings include the junior high, the old bell tower, and Vlad's house. The book begins around the time of Halloween (October). The story is in the present.