“I had not only put the prophecy of the Pravus to memory, but ingrained it on my soul.”


Dorian is powerful vampire, and the Keeper of the Pravus Prophecy. He is both respected and feared by many of those in Elysia. After undergoing torture daily for over a year to store the prophecy in his veins, he appeared to have an uncontrollable thirst of vampire and rare blood.

Dorian is first introduced in ELEVENTH GRADE BURNS when several other vampires are gathered to celebrate Otis’ life.

Dorian, who was about to tell his one secret (the Pravus Prophecy), to Vlad is accidentally killed by Joss McMillan. However he still manages to pass down the information to ==Vladimir== before he finally dies.

Appearance Edit

Dorian is described to a handsome vampire turned in his mid twenties. He has copper hair, dark brown eyes and fair skin. As he is the Keeper of the Pravus Prophecy, his eyes turn iridescent blue when he touches marks like glyphs much like how Vladimir’s turn purple.


Dorian is described to be intimidating and manipulative, ‘used to getting what he wants’ due to his unique abilities. He is not a social vampire, not having ‘friends’ despite the various bribery attempts over the course of his life. After Vlad starts interacting with Dorian more, he starts viewing him more as someone truly lonely, as he is ostracized from the society of Elysia.

Dorian is also fond of airplanes and travels around the world.


As mentioned before, Dorian is a powerful vampire and is extremely capable of dispatching humans and vampires. As he the Keeper of the Pravus Prophecy and he had drank vampire blood, he also has other abilities along with the standard powers that come from being a vampire. He is often feared for having such unique abilities, and Dorian himself states that Em (Emily) is most likely the only vampire that can kill him, as she is currently the oldest vampire.

Absolute Compulsion- Dorian is fully capable to control humans and vampires against their will.

Telepathic- He can read minds like most vampires. But in his case, unlike others, he has no restriction with his abilities. Even if vampires resist or close off information, Dorian is still able to uncover all secrets and memories. However he is loyal enough not to tell others about the information he collects.

­Telekinesis- Otis, who also fed on Aidan, is capable of telekinesis. Even though Dorian is not seen using this power, it is likely that he is able to control objects.

Speed and Strength- Like all vampires, Dorian is obviously stronger and faster than humans.

Eye Color Change- As mentioned before, Dorian’s eyes change into an iridescent blue when he touches a glyph.


Because he is highly feared by many, Dorian has not made much significant relationships with others, as he is socially detached.

Vladimir Tod - Dorian’s relationship with Vladimir Tod is the most clearly shown interaction out of all of his relations with others. At first, he seemingly only wants Vlad’s blood. He later proves to have extremely useful information about the Pravus Prophecy as it is his duty to pass it on to the subject (Vlad).

Enrico- His relationship with his father is never explored, but Enrico does insist to Otis and Vlad that Dorian is not one to be feared. This suggests that they have a rather steady relationship.

Otis Otis - Dorian’s relationship with Otis is rather strained due to the fact that Dorian is constantly craving for Vlad’s blood. It is also possible that Otis fears Dorian, but this remains indefinite.

D’Ablo -

“I never liked that guy.”


Dorian seemingly dislikes D’Ablo.

Aidan- Not much is known about Dorian’s relationship with his son Aidan. Dorain supposedly killed him...but it is later revealed that Tomas and Vikas killed Aidan.