D'ablo Edit

He was the main antagonist, until the final book of the series. He made his first appearance on the first book of the series: 8th grade bites.


 His appearance was rarely described in the series, despite his reputation and journey through out the books.

  • Eyes: Cold Steal gray, resembling the depth of his soul.
  • Style: Often, described as "draped in black". He wears gloves, despite the fact, that he is disfigured on that area. Classic & elegant.
  • Skin: Smooth and flawless, as described in the fourth book of the series.


Vladmire tod- 

Otis Otis-

Thomas- In the beginning of the series, D'ablo and Thomas were mentioned to be friends. But, not the same way Otis and Thomas or Vikas and Thomas were. More of mentor and mentored. Thomas was D'ablo's right hand man and the vice-president of Elysia. Even in contempt of that, Thomas was the perpetrator who assasinated D'ablo's in probably the worst way, apart for having your mark removed.

Dorian- They rarely made contact through out the series. On the fourth book, is the book that they ever were connected in. But, to be fair Dorian didn't make an appearance 'till the fourth book. D'ablo, a a mentioned in the fourth book seems to dislike Dorian.